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Brighton Home Services provides high-quality roof repair, roof replacement and roof restoration services throughout Central Iowa. Our extensive experience in the construction industry allows us to determine whether Roof Maxx, a roof replacement alternative, can extend the life of your asphalt roof. However, if your roof is too damaged or old for this option, we use premium Malarkey roofing products to replace your roof.

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Innovative Roofing Treatment

This innovative roofing treatment uses natural bio-oil to restore flexibility to shingles, which instantly adds five years of life to a roof. With a total of three treatments possible, Roof Maxx can add up to 15 years of life to your asphalt roof. It only takes a few hours and can save you thousands of dollars.

High-performance, Sustainable Shingles

Malarkey manufactures high-performance, sustainable roofing shingles. Malarkey’s quality craftsmanship leads to double the rain seals, the highest impact rating possible and 35 percent greater tear strength for extra protection and added performance.

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Is your roof in need of some care? Reach out to learn more about our Roofing Rejuvenation treatment or our Comprehensive Roofing Services. Let’s make sure your home is protected.

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